Don Kent's 57 Chevy Hardtop, Northridge,CA
the BEL AIR sport coupe
YES it is the original color
Paint: #820 -- Laurel Green and Colonial Cream

Probably the rarest of the 1957 factory color combinations
The colors did not prove popular and were discontinued from
production after December 28, 1956. There weren’t many
made before then, either!

Built: November 5, 1956
Van Nuys, CA
Sold: December, 1956
Art Mugg Chevrolet (now Community Chevrolet)
Burbank, CA
Optional Equipment: 283 cubic inch V-8 engine (first year)
Power-Pak option
(220 h.p., 9.5/1 compression, 4 bbl. carb., dual exhaust)
Powerglide Transmission
Power Steering (but standard brakes!)
Electric Windshield Wipers
E-Z-Eye Glass
Deluxe Pushbutton Radio (first all-transistor)
Deluxe Heater
Back-up Lights
B.F.Goodrich "Silvertown" Whitewall Tires